July 31, 2011

4th of July...a Titch Behind

The 4th of July this year was great! Most traditions I LOVE. Parades, rodeos, fireworks, BBQs, however one this year was quite different than the rest. It'll take some getting used to. At 5AM in Oakley, Ut a cannon is fired every 10 or so minutes down the streets of town for about an hour. 5AM! However, the rest of the day was great. It all started with a fun parade!

Followed by some good ol' rodeo'in. The Oakley rodeo was a BLAST. I've only ever been to a few, and this one was great. World class cowboys, "Princesses" as Bristol called the rodeo queens, and some great bull riding.
Paying respect

It almost felt like date night. Having the kid's grandparent's around is great! They love to hold the kids which sure frees us up!
A painting of Grandpa Wilde on one of the walls at the Oakley Rodeo Grounds. Leon Wilde is TyRell's Grandpa on his Mom's side.

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