July 31, 2011

WILDE Family Reunion

The Wilde family reunion was held in Oakley, Ut at Grandma and Grandpa Wilde's home. It is beautiful there. Bristol rode a REAL pony. Yes, I said REAL pony. A while back Ty and I brought my sister Ashley to Oakley. As we were entering the valley there is a very large red barn. It's not your typical barn, but more like a "Hollywood" barn that you would see in the movies. Ashley saw it and exclaimed "Look, a REAL barn." Ty and I just laughed. Well, you might laugh at me, but I always thought that a pony was just another name for a baby horse. When I'm wrong I'll admit it, and boy was I wrong. This is a REAL pony. ;)
I'm so proud of Bristol for riding it too! I have always said that I believe horses to be one of God's most beautiful creatures, and I'm pretty afraid of them. Ty's cousins have it out to change my mind, but until then Bristol is braver than I am.

I didn't get a picture, but Ty's Mom, Aunt, and cousin all twirled the baton and brought them to the reunion. It brought back some great memories of my twirling days. I had so much fun twirling when I was younger, and it was great to try and do it again!

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