March 16, 2012

Bristol B is 3!

Daddy, Bristol and Mommy
16 March 2009
Logan, Ut
6 lbs 5 oz and 18 in. 
Bristol's 1st Birthday
Bristol's 2nd Birthday

My Dear Bristol~

You are three today! "Three in March" as you have been saying. 

My oh my. Where do I even begin. This year, you have grown so much. Just before your second birthday, your life completely changed. You got a little brother. You love Tytan. You don't like it when he is crying and rush to him and give him kisses. You love to climb into his bed and say "good morning." You are a great big sister. It isn't easy, I know, but you are learning so well.

After that change, life changed again when we moved you to Idaho. You love it in your new house. You have become a little 'Idaho' girl quite quickly, but you still have a few Utah attributes! ;) this is all good!

Your favorite thing to do outside is swing "higher" on the swing. You could do that forever. You also love to run "down the mountain" in our backyard. It's just a little slope, but it's your mountain! Ruby loves to run it with you. 

Your new thing is to put ice on your eye when you go to sleep. You are wonderful about going to bed, but you have to have your blankie and your ice. You say your prayers and brush your teeth almost by yourself. 

You love to sing and dance. You have got quite the dance moves. You can move those feet and shake those hips all at the same time! We are so excited to put into dance lessons this fall. You love learning. Going to Nursery at church is one of your most favorite things. Brother and Sister Rich adore you, and you adore them. Sundays are a great day!

You love to help mommy bake and a certain extent. You will pick up your toys, help fold laundry (socks are your favorite), sweep, but don't get too close to that vacuum cleaner!

Your new found love is playing the "biolin." You love to rosin your bow and play in the music room. You also love to dance while I play the violin and piano. You have music in your blood, and I love that about you. Keep that music in your little veins. It will bless you!

You have a great obsession with the Temple. You love talking about the temple and learning about it. You know that Mommy and Daddy got married there, and that families are forever. You understand that you have to be "bigger" to go inside one day.

32 lbs 37in tall

I love you more than life itself. I can't imagine being here without you. I love you so much! Words just can't express the love that I have for you. You are a beautiful little lady. I know that you will keep growing and learning. Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!

Love Mommy

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Happy birthday Bristol!