March 11, 2012


March and April are crazy months for my parents.

If I explained all of the details you might think "LUCKY!" But lets just say that my mom has been a little bit stressed out. Not to mention my dad.

Well, now I might have to explain a little. My parents spent 10 days traveling for work functions for my dad. (Then we had a little party for my mom...I'll get there in a minute.) The next day my mom left with Annie for science camp for 5 days. Two weeks later they go on a family cruise. One week after that my Dad has Stake Conference (a very large 2 day church event), and that night my parents go to Cambodia for ten days to pick up my sister Ashley from her mission. (This doesn't include the other work trip in the middle that was cancelled.) *Sigh* 

Lucky for me, I get to do a little house sitting/teenage watching while they are gone. Hence, a surprise birthday party for my mom the night they came home from their first trip. The kids were totally into it, and my mom was thrilled!

My mom got off of the plain to see that some friends' grand baby was there waiting to greet her. My mom was so home sick for her grand kids! Little did she know we were hiding in the hallway singing "Do as I'm Doing" to keep entertained while they pulled in the drive. It was too fun!

These pictures crack me up. You can tell exactly what Bris and Jeffie wanted to do...and boy did they get to do it!

Forget singing! Give me some of that frosting!

P.S. Wondering what to get someone who is traveling a lot? A kindle! Books can put your luggage over the weight limit!

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