March 18, 2012

Thoughts of Spiritual Uplift: Oh Primary!

A little while ago I got a new "calling" in church. (This is when I am assigned to do something specific in church. Ex: I used to lead the music during our 3rd hour, now I teach the 11 year old girls Sunday School.) I not only teach Activity Days, but I now team teach the Valiant 11 year old girls. 

To be completely honest, I was extremely hesitant in accepting this calling. I hadn't been in primary for...14 years! And, I love being in Relief Society (meetings for just us women) so much that I didn't want to leave.

Let me just say that Heavenly Father knows exactly what He is doing. I LOVE Love love being in primary. I learn something new each Sunday, and what a refreshing 2 hours I have with such wonderful examples of Christ. 

Today we talked and learned more about the Book Of Mormon. Another Testament of Jesus Christ. And then we learned the song "Army of Helaman." There is nothing sweeter than hearing young children sing 100% doctrine. Brings tears to my eyes every time. To make it even better, these kids have this new thing going where they stand while they are singing if they are feeling the spirit. Oh it's amazing! The primary leaders (others who work in the primary...kinda like my "bosses") are absolutely at what they do. Spiritual giants! 

So looking forward to next time!

"Army of Helaman"/ "We'll Bring the World His Truth"

We have been born
As Nephi of old
To goodly parents who love the Lord
We have been taught and we understand
That we must do as the Lord commands

We are as the Army of Helaman
We have been taught in our youth
And we will be the Lord's missionaries
To bring the world his truth

We have been saved for these latter days 
To build the kingdom in righteous ways
We hear the words our Prophet declares
Let each who's worthy go forth and serve

We know his plan and we will prepare
Increase our knowledge through study and prayer
Daily we'll learn until we are called
To preach the gospel to all the world


Jon and Bre said...

how awesome! I love music and feel like it speaks to me sometimes more than anything, but what is more powerful than little children singing? I love it!

M.C. Sommers said...

I love primary. I was the eleven-year-old teacher last year and now I am the activity day leader. But I still end up subbing in primary almost every week because I love it so much. We should totally swap ideas for activity days.

And the primary songs get me every time. I love when they sing "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus."