April 20, 2012

We met...again. FINALLY!

We made a sign. And we waited!
I am the worst at waiting. We got to the airport 45 minutes early. And I got teased about it...
Hailey(sister), Annie(sister), Natalie(cousin),
 Ashley came running from a distance. You can see my dad in the background carrying all of her bags. It was the cutest reunion I have ever seen. She was excited, and then saw all of us and became a bit overwhelmed. She hugged us all.

Among my many favorite moments, wast this. See the very tall guy standing in the back, right in the center? That us Uncle Ernie. The beautiful people of Cambodia thought that he was President Monson when they saw him in pictures! So funny!
The whole gang that came!
 Ashley arrived in Boise at 11:53 PM. It was late, and we (they) were so tired. They had been traveling for 24 hours, and lost 12 in the process. So, the next day our immediate family got together. And more importantly, Ashley met a new niece and nephew, and was reunited with Bris and Jeffie.
And now Bristol thinks that
Ashley lives at our house!

The "Queen of Play" is back and I am so glad. I feel so blessed to have her as a sister. She is a great one, and an even better person. Her mission was amazing. My heart aches because I know that she will be missed, and even more so because I know that she will miss the people of Cambodia. I know that her love for them runs so deep. 


Emily and Owen Johnston said...

I love the picture of Ashely running to you guys! What a wonderful reunion. I'm sure she was an awesome missionary and always will be :) Aren't sisters the best?!!!

M.C. Sommers said...

That is so exciting! I can't imagine if my sister were gone for 18 months--it would be so hard. Glad you guys get to spend some quality time together.

P.S. Your hair looks gorgeous in that photo. I'm so jealous!

Melissa Bailey said...

LOVE that you posted about it! Wish we could have been there!