July 2, 2012

Baby Fish....

Bristol found a new "wave" of confidence in the water.
She kicks herself all around the pool...with someone close by (for our peace of mind, not hers).
Completely impressed.

Which reminds me.
Please please please keep an eye on your little's this summer. Water is so dangerous when they/you don't understand it's power. So many drownings occur each year that could have been easily prevented. I have grown up in and around the water. Hours on the lake, and on the river. I was even a certified rafting guide for a few years. I not only have a great love for water sports, but I have a deep respect for water. Never underestimate a slow current, or shallow water. It doesn't take much to sweep a toddler away, or take a big "breath" of water to fill their little lungs. Play it safe. You can never be too careful. Bristol usually has a life jacket on in the pool, she can't swim on her own. These were just a few minutes of highly supervised fun in the pool without one. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I have pulled a couple of kids off of the bottom of pools. It happens so fast. Water wings...pointless. They aren't the same as a coast guard approved flotation device. And I recommend ones with the flap on the back. It's purpose is to roll a baby on their back if they go in face first and can't flip over themselves.
Anyway...Have fun in the water! And be safe!

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