July 1, 2012

Thoughts of Spiritual Uplift

I have been thinking a lot about my ancestors lately. 
Do you ever do that?
I am always thinking about my roots, where I came from, 
and how I came to be right where I am.
The more I learn about my ancestors, the more I want to know.
What were their struggles, what was life like for them, 
and how did they get through hard times.

I have ancestors that traveled west as LDS pioneers. 
I have ancestors that encountered Indians, and made peace with them.
I have ancestors that went through terrible times.
Times that I couldn't imagine going through.
But I am always reminded that they were preserved for that time,
and I for this time.
I'm sure that some of my ancestors shutter at some of the trials people face today.

We can learn so much from our ancestors. 
Don't be afraid to dive into learning about them.
It is so much fun!

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