March 5, 2010

Bristol's Hissy Fits

Yes, she throws fits. It is actually quite funny really. I must tell you about last night. Bristol has this thing with wash cloths, or rags. She just swings them around. Last night it got stuck under her foot and she couldn't get it out. So she started throwing a little hissy fit as I like to call them. Not a full on tantrum, but a hissy fit! Ty and I were laughing soooo hard. She managed to get the rag from under her, but then couldn't get it to do what she wanted (whatever that is) and started screaming at it again. FINALLY (while Ty and I are doubled over laughing) she finds something else...her sock. She takes it off, opens it back up and tries to put it back on. Throws another hissy fit because it she can't get it back on, and then opens the sock once more and tries to put it on her head! Maybe Ty and I were a bit tired, but we were laughing so hard we were crying. Anyway, just one of those moments I had to write down somewhere so I wouldn't forget.

P.S. Don't rent "The Box." Not a good movie.


chocolatecoveredgummiebears said...

What a hoot! She is just too cute!

Kayli Nagel said...

Oh that is sooo funny! It's good that you can find joy in the hissy fits!!