February 11, 2011

Little Lady

Last night Ty and I were looking at pictures from this last summer and realizing that our little Bris has become quite the little lady. I still call her my baby, and I don't think that I'll ever quit. But she sure isn't such a baby anymore!

I made some Valentine's cookies and let Bristol have a hand in the decorating. Wasn't as messy as I thought it would be! But I do believe that little missy enjoyed eating them even more. (Who doesn't though?)

Can you say imagination? Well, she's got it. The other night Mickey pooped. (Or should I say had a BM?) So, she got the diapers out and changed him. It was hilarious. I think that she will be quite the little helper when our little guy gets here!


Lauren said...

she is so grown up! I love the diaper change so cute. she is going to be a GREAT big sissy

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

We call Evie our baby as well even though she is almost 2! Bristol is so cute, Steph! Good luck with number two. I'm sure she will give you more help than you can handle ;)!

Katelyn said...

I hate it when our babies grow up. So funny about Mickey!