February 21, 2011

What's In a Name?

Yes, we have decided on a name. Mr. asked if I "gave in" or if I really like it, and I think I really like it. Of course the middle name was the catch, but I do like it! Ready for it?
Tytan Jeffrey Stevens
Tytan is after my TyRell, Jeffrey is after my Dad and of course Stevens.
Haven't quite decided if I like "T.J." as a nickname. But I do see myself calling him "TyTy" or something. What do you think? (Don't be too honest...cuz it's not going to change based on your opinion...but please do tell!)
Side note: I came up with the name after meeting the cutest little Titan in Riverside, California while we were selling. I was prego with Bristol at the time, but loved the name. We changed the spelling of course, but what is even funnier is that this same family just had a baby girl that they named "Brystal." I'm only assuming that they pronounce it the same as our Bristol. Isn't that a funny coincidence? Just good taste in names I guess!
P.S. Thanks cousin Bailey for "not minding" I use your blog name for my title!!!
Now if he would just get here...


kayli sue said...

I love it!!! How exciting! We are still working on a middle name. Lol

Lauren said...

love it!!! isnt it a huge relief to HAVE A NAME!