February 16, 2011


Today my Mr. came home for lunch and automatically said "What's wrong?" I didn't laugh, but it didn't take me long to respond.
" Well, I'm moody, uncomfortable, fat, and still pregnant."
I don't take pregnancy photos, but trust me that my belly is HUGE. People tell me that I'm all belly, but there is a little elsewhere. Trust me. My feet and hands are water filled!
After giving my gruff response, I realized that I have a lot to be grateful for, and could use quite an attitude adjustment. Yes, I may be fat and still pregnant. However, I'm healthy, the baby is healthy, my little Bris is healthy and happy, and I have a wonderful Mr.
And who knows...maybe actually being grateful that I'm pregnant will make the little man want to make his world debut!

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Katelyn said...

HOPEFULLY! I will keep my fingers crossed! :)