March 24, 2011

Bristol's 2nd Birthday

Bristol had a fantastic birthday. Granted...I got home from a church activity a little late which made for a late party, but it was a lot of fun.

She is such a girl! Her new bracelet, purse, shirt, and vaccuum. So cute!

She was absolutely spoiled rotten. New outfits, tons of new toys, and a even a new potty
that will hopefully get used soon! The automatic bubble machine was sure
a hit. She didn't want to go to bed at all with that thing around!

OK. Now you can laugh. YES, Mickey was out in the sun a little too much before the party.
But hey, give me a break. My very first attempt at a decorative cake.
Bristol loved it and it tasted really good, so I don't care...ok maybe a little.
I just don't quite have the patience or time for cake decorating. I want to
be good at it, but just don't have what it takes. I frosted Mickey in 20 minutes.
Now you're thinking I'm pretty good eh? I know...I'll take orders later.

Bristol was so funny. Before we could even start singing she had bent
over and stuck her face in the cake. Haha! And then she pulled out the
candles to lick them. Where do kids learn to do this?
It was a GREAT birthday. I love my little 2 year old to pieces.
Her world has been turned up side down, and she has been
such a trooper through it all. It was a great day of giving all of
my attention to her.

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M.C. Sommers said...

That cake is amazing! I am always so impressed by people who can make and decorate cakes like that! What a fun birthday!