March 2, 2011


Here he his. My little man!
The story of his entrance into this world is quite lengthy...lucky for you I don't have time to write the whole thing here, so I'll give you the most important details in a sweet and condensed version!
*7:30 AM check in to the hospital
*8:30 ish start pictocin...low dose so as not
to cause uterin rupture
(only 1% chance)
*8:45 Dr. O. breaks water
*9:30 most wanted man on labor and
delivery floor enters...the man
with the epidural needle!
*10:00 in the most EXRUCIATING
abdominal pain EVER. Everyone
thinks epidural not working
*5:00 PM Dr. O is informed and comes
rushing upstairs. His words
"C-Section...uterin rupturing"
*5:15 enter operating room...4 of
the 5 layers of uterus had been
torn apart, last layer paper thin
with holes in it (please say ouch
out loud for my hurt BAD)
*5:48 PM Tytan Jeffrey Stevens born
9lbs 15 oz (1 oz shy of 10 lbs) 21 1/2 inches long

Minutes after Tytan was born. And while he lay there he was smacking his lips the whole time!

Dr.'s nicknamed him "Bubba" in the O.R. because he was so big.

His feet barely fit on the paper!

Still hungry a few hours after birth. (He had already eaten once!)

First time home! Bristol loved him!

I could list a lot of things that upset me about the whole situation, but I won't. It is unbelievable that I'm the 1%, and I don't think about the alternative. However, I feel extremely blessed. I am recovering well, and I have a healthy baby boy! I am so grateful that my husband was there to hold my hand during the operation, that my mom was there to help me through the long "labor," and that I still have somewhat of a uterus!!!


Jess said...

Crazy! I'm glad you are both okay. He is so cute, and I cannot believe how big he is! I always call Parker "bubba" and Jon always tells me I can't because he is so small.

leah jane said...

Oh what an ordeal for you! I bet you are glad it's over. And what a sweet {and huge} baby boy you have to show for it. :)

Deidra said...

I'm so glad that things ended well. Yikes! What a not fun experience. But look at that perfectly chubby baby you got out of it.

I'd love to offer my help, so if you need anything, be sure to call Nikkala! :)

Tyson and Dani Todd said...

WHAT A BIG BOY!!! He's so chubby and cute!! The uterin rupture does not sound fun at all. Glad you're doing OK!

Michele said...

He is SO stinking cute!! I'm sorry things didn't go as planned but I'm glad you're all okay! And he really is adorable! CONGRATS!

The Whipples said...

He is a cutie! Let me know if you need anything. Bristol is welcome to come over an play with Addie anytime! She would love it!

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

Congrats, Steph!!! He is so cute :) What a hard delivery, but glad you have such an optimistic outlook! Good luck with 2!!

Diana Hulme said...

congratulations! he's adorable. glad you're both doing well now. :)

Krystle said...

Congrats! What a cutie! I think he is going to be really tall like his Grandpa. Glad you made it through that whole experience!

Rebekah said...

how scary! I am a c-section girl too... I had to have an emergency c-section with brady because his heart rate was dropping, so the rest of my deliveries will be c-sections too! I am sorry your v-back didn't work, Im so glad you are ok and recovering well though. I can't believe your boy was SO big! I love big babies!! he is just darling!