March 25, 2011

You Know You're a Parent When...

You Know You Are A Parent When

  • You can fall asleep anywhere, doing pictured
  • You find infant socks in between your sheets
  • Your Mr. says to you "I'm going to put on my jammies."
  • You forget to go to the bathroom

What are your funny moments?


Rebekah said...

Why are do you look SO pretty sleeping?? Sleeping Beauty for sure! I knew I was really a parent when there was a huge BEE flying by Brady, and without another thought I swatted the bee away-- Like, I litterally hit the bee with my hand! That was a first in my life, normally i would have just ran away or something:) Thats when I knew I was a little mama husband loves that story:)
love, Rebekah

Danielle said...

Steph! The collages are SUPER easy! Just go to and it's pretty self explanatory from there. I'm excited now I know how to do them! Try it out =0) P.S. Tytan is adorable!! I hope you're recovering well!

Amber said...

Those are all true!!!