August 4, 2011

Edumicated and Gradiated...almost

TyRell has his last day of school EVER tomorrow. I know that he is excited, but I think that my excitement is right up there with his. He has worked so hard and sacrificed so much to finish school. We are sure ready to move onto the next chapter in life. I am proud of him! I have felt truly blessed. Every summer for the last 5 years he has worked selling alarm systems far away from home. He has missed out on his beloved backpacking and fishing trips all to make money. However, this money has provided a wonderful lifestyle for us throughout the school year where he doesn't have to worry about work and is able to take a full load of classes. Truly blessed. If I could think of good enough words to brag about him more I would...but they don't exist! As for graduation presents you ask? Ha, don't have one yet. I know what I'm getting for him, but maybe a picture of it will have to do. You can't buy them here in will just have to wait and see! But we are having a good little celebration this weekend by going camping. The Steven's side is having a family reunion and we are headed there right after class tomorrow! Can't wait!

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The Whipples said...

Isn't it crazy how we think this moment is so far away and then here it is upon us. We just bought a house in Kaysville and are moving in 2 weeks. We too are going to miss Logan. Good luck up in good old Idaho!!