August 19, 2011

Moves from the Past

TyRell and I have been married since December of '06. That makes 4 1/2 years. Wanna know how many times we have moved?


Our move on Tuesday will make TEN.

Here is our rundown. (I know, boring. But hey, I don't want to forget!)

January 2007: we had our first apartment in Logan.
It was teeny, but quaint. Really close to campus. We were both in school!
May 2007: we moved to Valejo, CA.
Ty sold for Stone Security and I worked in the office. We went to baseball games, checked out San Francisco, and stayed safe luckily! This is where we found the name "Bristol" for a future daughter!
August 2007: moved back to a different apartment in Logan.
For some reason this year is a blur. Seriously! We were both still in school...
May 2008: moved to Riverside, CA.
We visited Ty's mission in Mexico, and Ty sold for Stone Alarm. This is where we found out Bristol was on her way!
August 2008: moved back to Logan
I continued with my last semester of school, student teaching. It was hard being pregnant, but I graduated in December. Ty...still in school! And our little Bris was born! What a joy!
May 2009: moved to San Jose, CA
Little Bris became quite the traveler. Another summer in Cali! Having family close by made it a bit better!
August 2009: moved back to Logan
TyRell graduated with his bachelors, we went on a great cruise, and we prepped for the masters program coming up.
May 2010: moved to Nanaimo, B.C., Canada
Now Bris was really the world traveler. Ty sold for APX, and I played with Bris! This is where we found out Tytan was on his way!
July 2010: moved to the Victoria, Canada
Our office was a traveling after living in a hotel for a while, we finally made it to Victoria. Whenever I think of this place I get sick. Literally. I was so sick while we lived there...maybe one day I'll get over that! Thanks Big T.
August 2010: moved back to Logan
Ty graduated with his Masters in Accounting, and Big T. joined us here!
August 2011: move to Boise, Id.

We will miss you Logan. You have been great to us!

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