October 15, 2012

Come one, Come All!

If you have ever driven the freeway through Boise, Idaho, you have probably seen this building. Ever wondered what it is other than beautiful? It is the Boise Temple for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Or...the Mormon Temple. Usually LDS temples aren't open to the public. However, the Boise Temple has just been newly remodeled. With this recent remodeling project comes an open house to anyone who wants to come see it before it is dedicated. That means YOU can come see what is inside. Go here for more details.

What does this temple mean to me? There are a ton of reasons. But lets start with the architectural reasons. It's beautiful! And, the original architect was my Granddad, Ron Thurber. 

But lets get on to a few other reasons why I love this building. I was married there. I married my best friend for time and all eternity. My family will be together for eternity.That means the world to me. There are many times that I have used the words "heaven on earth" on this here blog. Describing certain places that I love to go. But this really is heaven on earth, one of the most sacred places on the earth. I love going here to worship. 

I am taking my little family to see the inside tomorrow night. Bristol is so excited. She has always loved driving past the temples in different cities. Now, she will go inside. The inside is breathtakingly beautiful. I hope that you will take your family there. 

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