October 4, 2012

The Power of Disney

About a year ago Bristol started having nightmares. There were monsters in her closet. This went on for about a week until I talked to my mom. (Mom's know everything!) She reminded me that "Monster's Inc." is Bristol's favorite movie. Light bulb. Problem solved. Ya, she still watched the movie. Just less frequently and we had a little talk about how to make the monsters go away.

Well, today in the car I called TyRell who has been hunting all week in Utah. He answered the phone!!! Bristol has this new infatuation with talking on the phone. She loves it. (More on that later.) But the conversation went a little bit like this.
Ty Guess what I got today?
Bris What?
B A buck? Whoa! Is it big or little?
T It's a big buck.
B Whoa! A big buck? Like Bambi's dad?
T Moment of silence..."No. More like Bambi's Grandpa."

Haha! I couldn't stop laughing while she was on the phone. (Of course I had to call Ty to get the full conversation.) This little girl just absorbs everything! I love it. She is too cute to boot... and talks my ears off!

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This LDS Military Wife said...

I remember when I had monsters in my closet. At least monsters inc had good monsters! Nightmares are not fun!