October 21, 2012

Thoughts of Spiritual Uplift: Ninety and Nine

Church. I love it. But sometimes it's all I can do to survive it. Ya know those moments? Well, that's how it was for the first hour. The kids were fighting over toys, singing out loud when everyone else was being quiet, the list goes on. So as I was trying to listen to the words being spoken I thought to myself " Well, I can't hear let alone listen so I guess I'll just feel the spirit around me as I survive this hour with the kids.

Well I made it.

Second and third hour were really busy, but I made it through them too.

On my way home i realized how starving I was. No matter what time church is, I'm always starving when it's out. So, I am almost home when I see a long line of cars stopped ahead of me.
"Oh great."
But then I saw what it was holding everyone up. 
A huge flock of sheep. Hundreds of them, following one man with another man bringing up the rear. It really took me back. First I went for my camera, not there. Then I chuckled. Who gets stopped on their road home by a ton of sheep? And then the wheels really started turning.
I looked at these sheep. All struggling to quickly follow their master. Some went astray and separated themselves from the herd but were quickly brought back by the soft whistle of their shepherd. And if they didn't move quickly enough, two sheep dogs came bounding out of nowhere and helped them along their way. (Do you see where I'm going with this?) 
I thought of a song. "Ninety and Nine" by Michael McLean. I am one of those sheep. Finding my way back to my Heavenly Father with the help of His Son, my Saviour Jesus Christ. And if for some reason I can't find my way, I have people who love me to help me find my way back. 

You can listen to this song here.
Michael McLean-Ninety and Nine
I am one of the ninety and nine
I’m not perfect but basically I’m doing fine
I have not lost my way, I have not gone astray
I’m just one of the ninety and nine
I am here in the heart of the fold
I’m not mindless but I try to do as I’m told
I’m not tempted to run and become the lost one
I am here in the heart of the fold

So why is my shepherd coming this way toward me
He’s holding his arms out and he’s calling my name
Yes he’s calling my name! But how, how can this be?

I’m just one of the ninety and nine
I have stumbled and fallen, but I’ve kept in line
I’m not one he must seek; I’m not all that unique
I’m just one of the ninety and nine

So why is my shepherd treating me like a lost lamb?
He’s searching to find me 
And he’s holding me now, yes, he’s holding me now
And teaching me who I am

So why am I feeling like I’m the only one here
It’s like I’m his favorite
And he takes me aside, and he sweetly confides
These remarkable words in my ear

You are one of the ninety and nine
Have you any idea how brightly you shine?
You are safe in this fold, and it’s time you are told
That I know where you’ve been so I know where you’ll be
Because all of your life you’ve been following me
You are more than just one of the sands of the sea
Or just one of the ninety and nine

You are mine, you are mine, you are mine
You are mine

I am one of the ninety and nine.

To make it even better, I heard this preformed live just a week ago. It was awesome!
I am one of the Ninety and Nine. And so are you!

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