February 16, 2010

Paradise aka McCall, Id

My favorite place in the WORLD is McCall, Id. I know I know....not too exciting for most, but I LOVE it. Ty, Bristol and I headed up there with our friends McCall and Cody. (I'm so naming one of my kids McCall:) ) It made for a really really long drive going straight there, but we had a blast. It started off with ice sculptures, followed by some sledding, and snow shoeing. So much fun.
The ice sculptures were a week old, and kinda melting/covered in new snow. But for the most part we could still tell what they were. I think its amazing what people can create!

This is how Bristol sleds! Unfortunately she missed most of the fun, and fell asleep before we even made it to the hill. Call me a bad mom, but I just let her sleep in the laundry basket while we did some major sledding. It was great!

I had never been snow shoe shoeing before, and I love it! Bristol did awesome in the pack. It was a perfect day for the event. I love it when the snow looks like diamonds in the sun. Too pretty!


Kristen said...

Looks like fun!

leah.jane said...

ha! the laundry basket sledding is classic! i'll have to remember that for when we have kids. so funny.

Rebekah said...

WOW, I am really beind--you had so many fun updates! first off, you looked GORGEOUS on ty's birthday, seriously! and that bowling looked so fun, I have always loved cosmic bowling especially--how can i resist looking super tan with super white teeth:) And Mccall looked like such a blast, I have always wanted to go snow shoeing...i think you would love Jackson as well:)

Love, Rebekah