February 16, 2010


January 27: For my birthday instead of presents I impressed upon Ty that maybe we could just go to SLC and do some shopping and go out to dinner. He thought it was a great idea (especially not having to pick out a present). It was a ton of fun! My dad was there for some business meetings and met us for ice cream. Of course he had to stop by the "Build A Bear" workshop because Bristol was pointing at the animals and buy her one...she is spoiled rotten. My mom even sent with my dad a shopping cart cover for me...so thrilling!

January 14, 1984: What would my life be like if Ty hadn't been born into the world? I'm so grateful for him and all that he does. He is such a great husband and daddy. We love him! We celebrated at home with cheesecake, and then later in the week had some friends/family over for a little party. It was so much fun!

Getting ready for the party.

Bristol and "cousin" Olivia. Only 1 month apart!



Diana Hulme said...

happy late birthday!!! sounds like you guys had some great celebrations. :) bristol is getting so big & cute!

Lane, Amanda, Jackson, and Andrew said...

Happy Birthdays! Bristol is absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Bristol with her cute grin in her skinny jeans and sweater dress! Too cute!

Katelyn said...

Dang it! I didn't mean to be anonymous!