February 18, 2010


So, I'm laying here in bed watching the Olympics and updating my books in "Goodreads." I feel so minute! There is a 16 year old in the Olympics, and some of my friends have hundreds of books "read" on Goodreads. Holy Crap! First, I can't think of all of the books that I have read, let alone read that many, and second, I couldn't even qualify to qualify to be in the Olympics. WOW. Well, all I can say is that I am a Mom. That is quite an accomplishment...right?

P.S. I absolutely love the winter Olympics. My favorite: Figure Skating. Even more specifically the Free Skating Long Program. Pairs and the short program are great, but with free skating I think that more personality comes out. You may wonder who my all time favorites are? Nancy Kerrigan, Scott Hamilton, Bryan Boytono, and Elvis Stoyko. Yes I saw them all live, and No I was never that big of a fan of Michele Kwan although she does fly over the ice with the greatest of ease...Just in case you wanted to know!


Kristen said...

We started watching them today and they are fun to see. I missed a bunch of the figure skating too, which I love also. Don't worry, I feel the same way you do, at least you're a mom- I don't even have that! :)

Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

maybe you don't have a baby...but you are extremely talented.