February 1, 2010

Shakes...and New Years!

FUNNY STORY! It is a family favorite of ours to make extra thick milk shakes. We love them, and my dad is quite the enthusiest...However, this has meant many busted blenders in the past. A guy that my dad knows from work has all boys and are the same way with their shakes, but they know the secret to not killing "mom's blender." Use a drill with a special attachment. Works like a charm, and the shakes come out nice and thick. YUM!

This year for new years we were in McCall, Id. It was great! We had an awesome dinner at my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Scott's along with great goodies, a great game of ROOK, and some great fireworks. There is nothing but fields and mountains behind the house, so the guys go out back in the snow and light of TONS of LEGAL (???) fireworks that my Grandpa provides while we women watch from the upstairs window. I haven't quite figured out my camera in the dark, but the pics still turned out pretty cool.

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amber said...

O my that is sooo funny. I will have to tell trace about that. We broke our blender a year ago trying to make milk shakes and we haven't made one since, due to no blender... but we do have a drill...