June 3, 2010

Canook Smarties!!!

These are my best edible find thus far in Canada. Nestle Smarties! I am in love with them. So wish that they had them in the states! I can already tell you that I will miss them when we move back in August. I will have to bring some back for sure! They are kind of a mix between M&M's and Sixletts...with a thicker shell. I don't know how to explain them best...but they are YUMMY!


leah jane said...

yeah, these are good. you have to try big turk candy bars too. it's a take on english turkish delight and is my absolute fav!! also, poutine! okay, this is perhaps the best canadian invention. fries with melty cheese curds and gravy. it's a whole lotta' calories but so tasty!!

amber said...

HAve you tried a wonder bar yet? Oh it is my absolute favorite candy bar ever!!