June 26, 2010

Westwood Lake

Westwood lake is my favorite "fresh water" beach. I love it here! There are no boats allowed on the lake (which I would normally object too), but I think that it keeps the crowds away! I know that most of my posts are about Bristol and I'm sorry...but this is truly hilarious! Bristol wasn't much of a fan of the sand in the beginning...but I got her used to it!

Step 1:

"Stay on the blanket and keep feet out of the sand! (While enjoying my PB&J)."

Step 2:
"Venture out on the sand barefoot. EW!"

Step 3:
"Sit on a towel in the sand by the other kids playing. Thanks mommy for not making me put my bum in the sand and getting my feet out of it."

Step 4:
"Hm. Not so bad on the hands...keep the legs up though! Don't like it on them!"

Step 5:
"Eat the sand! I think I've got this down."

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mental monika said...

Love the sequence of events. So fun!