June 24, 2010

Vancouver, B.C.

One Saturday we all got up early and caught the ferry to Vancouver. (Well, we missed the ferry by 2 minutes, and got on the next one an hour later.) The ferry ride was easy! We got some lunch and visited. It went by really fast. Upon our departure off of the ferry we caught a bus that took us to Downtown Vancouver. We talked to quite a few locals on the bus who told us right where to go...Robson Street. Great shopping!
Robson Street

Alex and I on Robson Street! Couldn't contain the excitement!
We probably only saw about 2/3 of the street. It was pretty long.

The fabulous "Cupcakes" store. Can you see why we were attracted? Unfortunately I wasn't hungry, so I didn't get one. But it smelled and looked delicious!

We came across this VW Bug covered in...everything. There was a waterfall on the front, Canada themed accessories, toys, etc. We were wondering who did this, and the man happened to be sitting right behind us! I told him he should charge people a small fee to take pictures and what not, but he actually said that it's his "gift to Canada." He explained that the Canadian government helped him get through school, so he did this as pay back. Whatever works for him! It was pretty cool, and actually drivable!

Stanley Park

Stanley Park was this HUGE park right on the ocean. It contained harbours, walking trails, little shops to buy ice cream, and even the Vancouver Aquarium.

Vancouver sky line.

Bristol of course got an ice cream. She made a complete mess!

We got a sneak peak at the Vancouver Aquarium. Baby Beluga! Bristol LOVED them. It would normally cost $25 dollars and take a full day to go to the aquarium, so we opted for a little taste instead!

Bristol on the ferry ride home. Her outfit was all covered in ice cream, so changing was completely necessary! She was quite the show! I was tired from the day, and pretty much just let her have her moment. I think she may grow to be quite the entertainer.

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deidra said...

I'm pretty sure my dad has an outstanding parking ticket from our visit to Vancouver (more specifically, Stanley Park) when I was about 9.

We LOVED the aquarium on our visit. So much fun for little girls who all want to grow up and be marine biologists.