June 25, 2010

TyRell Bungee Jumps!

Ty did it. He went bungee jumping! As an office, the whole team won a bit of money to do with what they pleased, and this is what they all chose! So a TON of them went. I just watched. Don't think that I could do it...maybe in high school, but not now. Anyway, It was quite the rush watching my hubby plunge off of a 150+ foot bridge. I probably screamed harder than he did! They went at this place called Wild Play about 20 minutes north of Nanaimo. They have zip lines, and tree courses as well. It would be a great place to visit if you were looking for something adventurous to do on Vancouver Island!

Ty on the way up to the bridge!

Ty and some other guys in the office watching the first jumper.

Getting ready! He had to stand on the edge of this platform, bend his knees, and fall forward.

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leah jane said...

that is complete craziness!!