June 7, 2010

Lantzville Beach: This beach is mostly just rocks we found, but it spans forever! Really pretty!

Qualicum Beach: Qualicum Beach is one of our favorite places! We-the "Wives Club"- have so much fun walking up and down the beach! And Bristol just can't get enough of it! Bristol walked right into some water with her shoes on so I took them off thinking that she would love being barefoot in the sand...NOPE! Not so sure of the sand squishing in her toes!

If there is a bird in sight, Bris is gonna get 'em!

Alex carved a cute heart in the sand and got Bristol to stand in it for a picture! So cute!

These are "Geoducks." (Pronounced GOO-EE-DUCKS). We found them on the beach. It is a type of saltwater clam, a mollusk. They are really really gross looking out of the sand, but when they are in the sand they provide quite the entertainment. When you stomp on or near the hole it squirts water into the air and burrows even deeper into the sand. Pretty cool!

You can find more information on them here.

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