June 10, 2010


All of the locals here told us that we "HAD" to go to Coombs to see the goats on the roof. So, we did! Coombs is this tiny town, and the part that is so "famous" has a little market, a few shops, and yes-goats on the roof! We visited the fudge shop, ate some awesome ice cream, looked at some pretty funny statues, and visited some more little shops. It was pretty fun! Just a quaint little stop on the side of the road. I would definitely go back for the ice cream. SO GOOD!

A couple of goats on the roof!


Jess said...

Look at you, you little Trip Adviser you! Looks like you are getting to see a lot of new things this summer. What company are you guys with now?

Tori said...

Stephanie! Thanks so much for the help and advice with my lovely face issues :) It is great to hear from you!! It's been way too long since Nauvoo!Your little family is darling! Hope all is well. Keep in touch!