December 9, 2011

Caught Reading

I couldn't help but snap this photo of my Mr. reading to Bristol.
She had to read in her princess tent.
I'm glad they fit in there together...almost.

I don't care how or where ya do it, but reading to your kids is so important. 
Bristol could be watching her most favorite movie, and she will always stop if I pull out a book.
I hope that my kids' love for books continues. 

On our reading list this month are Christmas books!
What are your kids favorites?

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mental monika said...

That is so cool! My Serene loves books, too. Her favorite (year round!) is actually a "gook" called Silent Night -- just the words to the song but so beautifully and authentically illustrated. I swear whoever did it actually has been to Jerusalem area! And yes, Serene makes me sing it, bad voice and all!