December 3, 2011


A few "Aha" moments of late:

Tytan has never adjusted to the time change. He is up at 6:30. Oops! Never knew!
Puppies are just like newborns. They pee, poop, and sleep.
Bristol's sippy cups aren't working because the holes in the top have melted together in the dish washer. 
(Thanks Dad. Never would have thought of that myself!)
And my favorite: Nobody is perfect. Even those who I think have perfect lives/children don't.

I love "Aha" moments. They seem to ground me. It's like that really cold coke that you finally get your thirsty fingers wrapped around on a really hot hot day. Completely refreshing. They make me feel human again. Not that I don't often think or feel like Superwoman some days, but it's nice not to have the pressure of it all. 
For instance: Me and the kids were in our P.J.'s until 2PM today. 
I know.
Hold on hold on....I wasn't feeling too great. So we had a sick party for mom. 
Bristol actually brushed my hair off of my forehead. 
Completely reminded me of her patting my back as I threw up with morning sickness when Tytan was just a peanut. She is so sweet. I think that I see a little mother personality blooming in her already.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Take a break for yourself today!

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Lauren said...

we wear our pj's most of the day too dont worry its what the COOL moms do ;)