December 31, 2011

My BIG Surprise and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve while in the car, I managed to explain quite well to my Mr. that in years past, I always knew what he was getting me for Christmas. Seriously.I always know. 
To his credit, I HATE not being able to guess what I'm getting.I get that from my dad. 
This year...completely different story. My socks were completely knocked off.

Here's what happened.

I thought I was getting a kindle. It was #1 on my list, and I had only mentioned, left little notes, and made him write it down a hundred times. That's what I was getting. I even "over heard" my brother in law talking about what I was getting. Well, we came home from all of our Christmas Eve festivities noticing that our Christmas lights had been turned off. I was sure they were on. "Oh well, I'll just turn them back on." No biggie. I got inside. "Hm. Our Christmas tree lights aren't on in the front window." So I go into our front room to turn them on.

Isn't she beautiful? You should hear her play. Literally sounds like a baby grand.
Of course when I walked in the red bow was in the front, and there wasn't any music on it, but you get the picture. I am still in shock over it all. I have always wanted my own, but didn't figure that I would have one for quite some time. My Mom's first piano was going to do...
I am one lucky girl!!! I didn't guess this one at all. However, I did find it on Christmas Eve instead of waiting until Christmas morning. But, I couldn't ruin tradition and not know what I was getting before hand!

As for Christmas day. It was glorious. So nice to be home and start our own little traditions.
Opening P.J.'s at night
Opening our stockings first
Tearing through presents
Having a nice breakfast
And to top it off, go to church. I loved going to church on Christmas! 

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