May 31, 2010

Newcastle Island

Welcome to Newcastle Island! You can actually see this island from the downtown Nanaimo Harbour. We had heard that it was a fun little trip across the channel, and a nice relaxing island to hang out on. So we figured out what time the ferry left and booked our trip. We had NO IDEA that a ferry could be this small. We pictured a large boat that could carry at least 20 people or so. WRONG! This boat could carry 12 people if they didn't have small. I was laughing. This little dingy could turn on a dime!

Bristol thought that the ride was pretty exciting! She had to stand on the bench and look out into the water the whole time!

Right as we were getting onto the island there was this large to tum poll. I guess the island used to be inhabited by Indians.

We didn't do much relaxing while on the island (except for our ice cream treat after our long walk). We decided to take a trail around the island that was about 4 miles long. It was LONG, but really fun! The scenery was beautiful. There were times when I seriously thought that T-Rex was going to jump out of the woods though...

Looking at the Nanaimo Harbour from Newcastle Island. Plus our little "ferry" making it's way toward us!

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chocolatecoveredgummiebears said...

I love how adventurous you have been and taking advantage of what the area has to offer! You've got some pretty views too.