May 26, 2010

Cigarette Butts Are Litter

So, Bristol LOVES to play outside. Loves it! And because she can walk/run, it is hard to keep up with her sometimes. The last few times we went out she has found a new fascination! Cigarette Butts. Nasty nasty! Seriously though. She runs over to them and picks them up like they are candy. Fortunately she has never gotten one into her mouth, but just the thought of picking up someone else's cigarette butt is disgusting. I have always been taught not to litter, so I just never really think about it. But this has really frustrated me! I guarantee at least half of smokers out there wouldn't just throw a wrapper on the ground, or an old paper cup (at least I hope they wouldn't), so why do smokers think it's okay to just throw their cigarette on the ground, or out their car window? First it is polluting the Earth, second it looks dirty when you are in a beautiful park and see cigarettes all over the ground, and third...MY BABY IS PICKING THEM UP...AND WHO KNOWS WHAT OTHER KIDS OUT THERE! I think that I'll just go throw up now, that is how sick this is. I'll keep training my daughter not to pick them up, but should I have to? NO! You ADULTS out there should know better!

Thank you for letting me vent...pass the word. Cigarette Butts are TRASH not LITTER!

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Heidi & Derek said...

When I was about 10 we met up with my extended family at Lagoon. My cousin (who was a 1 or 2) not only found a cigarette butt on the ground, but ate almost the whole thing before we noticed!