May 22, 2010

Tofino: BC Canada

Two hours away from our apartment in Nanaimo on the west side of the island is Tofino. We failed to check the weather before driving there, and it rained the WHOLE time, but it was beautiful! While in Tofino we stopped at a couple of beaches to look at the view and let Bristol run around, and we ate at this quaint little Cafe overlooking the ocean. It was really a lot of fun! While stopping at a little gift shop Bristol screamed until we bought her a little stuffed Bald Eagle. She had to have it. Glimpses of the future? I hope not!
 One interesting note about Tofino is that we notice tsunami warning signs. They would say something like "Tsunami evacuation route" and then have an arrow pointing inland. Interesting! We found out that the San Andreous Fault line runs all the way up into Canada, so there is a possibility of large natural disasters.


leah jane said...

i'm so jealous of you, it's beautiful in both places. although i think you're really going to love victoria!! it's been so long since we've spent time there that i can't remember any specific restaurants to go to, but i'm sure you'll discover tons of great places! keep posting pics, it's so fun to see where you're at and what you're doing. also, have you tried poutine yet?

Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

What is poaite? Or whatever it is you asked me about? Don't think that i have tried it!