May 12, 2010

Cruise: Day 7

I know...You are all ready for cruise posting to be over...this was the last day! Promise. I wasn't so excited to leave at the time...except to see my baby, but the last day was nice and relaxing. I pretty much laid on a lounge chair all day and watched movies on the movie screen, followed by some great dinner (including 2 orderes of dessert) and then watching all of the other ships at sea. So great! I loved this cruise, highly recommend going on one!


Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

What a fun cruise!! I'm totally jealous!!

amber said...

I am so jealous!! It looks like you had so much fun. Guess who is the new activities chairmen/woman... yeah... thanks for leaving guys!

leah jane said...

oh gosh, this seriously sounds divine!! what a heavenly way to spend your vacation.