May 19, 2010

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Ammonite Falls! This was our first outing in CANADA! The other wives "in the office" and Bristol and I drove about twenty minutes from our apartments and found ourselves at the Ammonite Falls hike. It was really nice outside, and the scenery was beautiful. At the very beginning we ran into a "local" who said that the hike wasn't that long, and it was really easy to find the falls. WRONG! We took...a few wrong turns. But we finally made it. I think that we hiked for about 4 or 5 hours, which was a long time to carry Bristol in the pack, but it was really fun!

Things I like about Canada:
It is really beautiful here!
Bristol and I have tons to do while Ty works.
Deer and raccoons run through our backyard.
I can't ever get too lost...I'm on an island.
I'm in good company!
Ok I know, the list isn't that long. I'll be honest, I miss home! However, Ty and I will always remember our summer adventures, and this is just the beginning of another summer!

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