May 25, 2010

Pipers Lagoon

Maybe a week ago we headed to Pipers Lagoon. It is closer in distance on a map to where we live, than driving. But driving there still only took about seven minutes. You drive through this small neighborhood and then all of a suden you are there at the park! There is a narrow walk way with water on both sides (in high tide) that you follow for quite a long while. This pennisula like point creates 2 large lagoons, and a couple smaller ones. All of us spent maybe 3 hours there! We had so much fun! The sun was out, and the tide was low which allowed us to walk out on the rocks and find these little pools of water with TONS of sea life in them. Bristol loved sitting by the pools of water and putting her hand in it. There were tons of crabs, so I didn't let her try to grab anything, but I think that she would have!
I don't know why she never smiles at the camera. We will have to work on that, but I promise that she was having a great time!
Thanks Shannon for the pictures!

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