May 12, 2010

Cruise: Day 2

Day two on the cruise was great! It started off with a "Life Boat" ride to the Princess Keys Island, a private island just for us cruisers. While on the island we swam, layed out under the sun, ate some great food, shopped a little at the shops, and last but not least ended the day with an AWESOME banana boat ride. We had been watching these rides go by all day, and because we were the last group before having to board the ship, we got a longer and more wild ride. I think that we may have offended the driver by all putting our hands in the air. It was absolutely crazy! So much fun! On the banana boat ride was Ashley, Chrissy, Hailey, Dad, Ty, Me, Kassie, JuJu, Karli, and Pooky. It was so much fun!

After dinner we watched "The Blindside" at the outdoor theatre! I had never seen it, and what a great way to watch a movie!

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deidra said...

I like the picture with the palm tree reflected in Ty's sunglasses. Looks like paradise-- what a fun trip!