May 24, 2010

Qualicum Beach and Little Qualicum Falls

Qualicum Beach is about 25 minutes north of Nanaimo where we live. While there we found some cute (but dead) little crabs. We thought that they were pretty cool! I don't know how many miles this beach stretches for, but it goes on for quite a while!

Bristol LOVES the beach. She picks up rocks, bugs, shells, and tries to play in the water.
Little Qualicum Falls

About 15 minutes inland from Qualicum Beach is Little Qualicum Falls. It is really beautiful, and the falls are quite large! Bristol was entranced by them, and didn't quite understand that getting too close could be...scary. But she got as close as we would let her!

Some of the "Office Wives...and kids" Stephanie, Thomas, Alexandra, Bailey


Emily and Owen Johnston said...

You have such an exciting life!! Looks like you are having a blast! Keep the posts comin'!!!

Kayli Sue said...

Wow that's some awesome scenery!I love walking through places like this.