November 24, 2011


I love Thanksgiving. Big feasts, tearing up when you hear what others are thankful for, PIE, and being with family. It is so great! I hope that you are having a great time with your family, and if you need a place to come for a good dinner, come on over. My mom won't mind!

This year I have really noticed now rushed Thanksgiving is. It only takes a couple days or so to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner, and then it's over. The world also starts with Christmas preparations before Thanksgiving is even here. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, but Thanksgiving deserves a little bit of recognition. I'll admit, I like to have the majority of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, but I do love to kick back and enjoy November. I am truly grateful for the holiday.

I start the morning off by having a BIG breakfast. Followed by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is so much fun! A light snack before the turkey, and then I chow down! My mom each year buys little chocolate turkeys for each place setting from Lee's Candies. They are so good! Dinner is followed by visiting, and pie. And then a little nap or two with some football going on in the background. My cousins go to a good kids movie each year, and we might just take Lil' Bris this year. I think she would love it.

A little twist on Thanksgiving this year is that my Grandpa is in the hospital. He had a bit of a surgery, but will be just fine! He will be there for a few more days. What a bummer. I've caught rumor that some of my cousins will be taking him some dinner, I hope so! I love that man!

Have a wonderful feast today! I hope that you are surrounded by those that you love!

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