November 22, 2011

Music Fixed, Almost

I play the violin, or the fiddle. 
Whichever I feel like calling it at the moment.

My violin in Carthage, Illinois. *
When I was a Sophomore in High School, I received the best Christmas present EVER.
My violin. It is beautiful. 
I was taking lessons at Hartz music shop in Meridian. 
I walked into the room, and my teacher wanted me to play a new violin they had in,
just for fun.
I fell absolutely in love with it, and fortunately Santa figured it out.

Well, years have passed and this poor fiddle has been through a battle.
It has lived in Utah, California, Canada, Illinois, and Idaho.
This may be cool if you are a person, but not a very fragile piece of wood.

I took her to the shop.
It is going to be a long haul. Some compare it to going in for major surgery.
A crack in the wood that was once sealed, is now completely laid open.
Yuh oh. Because it costs a pretty penny, it will have to stay open.
I'm sorry. But! It has new strings, new pegs, and a new bridge. 
That will do for now! Hopefully we can still make some great music together.

And spread the word. I am taking students!
Both classical and fiddle. 
So excited!

*Yes, you just might recognize that window.

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leah jane said...

I love that you play the violin, I have always wanted to learn! Is it too late for me? :) And my camera is a canon rebel tsi, and I have loved it!