November 4, 2011

Your Questions, My Answers

I have wanted to try something a little bit new on the blog here. I'd like to answer your questions about anything. I realize I'm young, with not a lot of experience in life, but it could be worth a shot! 
Ask me anything! Personal questions would be great too! Periodically I'll post the questions and answers on the blog.

e-mail them to me at, or leave a comment!

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Candi said...

Hey Steph! Love your idea and I'd love to ask a question that has been on my mind lately. As you know, I'm married, in law school, but don't have children yet. My sister, and most of my friends are having their first children, and it is easy fro me to feel pressured yt what everyone else is doing to have my first child. What I want to know is what factored into your decision to have your first child, what were your factors that you and Tyrell considered and prayed about? What stability do you think a relationship needs and what lifestyle do you think a couple needs to be ready for, for that huge jump? I know the timing different for everyone, but could you give me a little bit of commentary on what timing was like for you and what felt right and what didn't? You are en educated woman who lives the gospel and I'm really just needing some advice/commentary/discussion about this topic lately!