November 26, 2011

Our Newest Addition

Meet Ruby

She is our new yellow lab!

And if you will notice, she isn't quite exactly yellow. Hence the name Ruby.
We are thinking "Ruby Red" but are still a bit undecided. 
We got her today, Santa came just a little bit early.
Ruby is my Mr.'s puppy, but let me just tell you:

I picked her out, and I picked her name. I think that I did really well if I don't say so myself! ;) She is pretty cute, and a very good dog (so far)! Here is how I know.

She is "birdie" which is good for bird hunting. (She has actually attacked a pheasant...yes it was already dead, but she went crazy on it!)
When she goes outside from being inside, she goes right to the grass and does her business.
She LOVES Bristol. Literally loves her.
And best of all, when it was bed time we put Ruby in the garage until we had gotten the kids down.
Before we could get out there and make her a comfy little bed, she had done this:

She pulled a blanket down from a bench all by herself and snuggled right in. She is so smart!
When we found her she was fast asleep. She did wake up, but she didn't move! Poor girl is tired!

The kids love her. And I think that Ruby has found her "Mommy." When she is whining, she stands at my feet and wants to be held. I think I've got another baby on my hands. Hopefully she is still a good dog tomorrow!


Case said...

Jealous! She is adorable:)

Camille said...

So cute! My boys can't wait until they can have a dog.

mental monika said...

That is the most adorable dog! Good luck!!

Amber said...

How fun!

Kassie and Kyle said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute!