November 8, 2011

Trusting Mail Carriers

Did you know that mail carriers used to deliver children for 56 cents?

That's a story opener isn't it? Here is what I know...

Last week my mom went to her local USPS office to deliver two packages to my sister Ashley in Cambodia. This was a long process. When delivering large packages over seas you must list each item separately on special forms. There were so many different items in the packages that it took 5 forms. THEN the USPS employee must enter each item into the computer along with the address, weight, etc. This process was going to take a long while, so this employee handed my mom an article to read while he processed all of the information.

My mom first noticed the black and white picture of a mailman with his mail carrying bag slung over his shoulder. In the bag was a toddler. Yup, a toddler. The article explained that "back in the day"(not sure of the time) mail carriers were so trusted that people would send their children in the mail. All for a cost of 56 cents. If it was an overnight trip, the child would stay at the mail carrier's house. Isn't that bazaar?!

It got my mind whirling around a bit. If I decided to send my kid to Grandma's house, I could just ship her off for a lovely little price.

YA RIGHT! Like that would ever happen these days. My Grandpa thought..."There's a new way to take my Grand kids to Guatemala fishing!"

This just cracked me up. And, it doesn't stop here. I plan to pay a visit to this post office and read this article for myself. (Hopefully make a copy too!)


Camille said...

What a great deal! HAHA! Too funny.

tstevens said...

Grandma Stevens told me she used to ride the mail truck from Mountain Home to Price for her Dentist appointments.

Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

Hahahahaha! That is awesome!