January 16, 2012


Kids say the funniest things. And sometimes amazing things too, things that make you think. Well my little Bris is no exception! She talks a mile a minute. Just goes and goes and goes. I like to call her my little "informant." She tells me everything that is going on. Everything! For instance...

While playing with the stapler (unloaded): "I said, stop biting the paper! It's not nice. Stop biting!" And the stapler continued to bite the paper, in a very playful way.

"I want a treat. I want a treat. And a happy new year!"

"Tinker Bells, Tinker Bells, Tinker all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh hay!" Repeat.

As we were starting to drive: "Mom, I want the car to sing Tinker Bells!"

(Ya, we are still stuck on Christmas.)

Getting Tytan out of his crib: "Mom, did Tytan go tinkle in his pants? Or do boys go pee pee? Did he poop in his pants? Did you go poop? Boys go pee pee and girls go tinkle."
Well this might need a little explanation. You see, I have 5 sisters. We were sheltered quite well growing up. We never said the word "pee." We said tinkle. (I'll admit. It is a funny sounding word.) Then I married Ty, oldest of 3 boys. It would surprise me if he had ever heard let alone used the word "tinkle" before he married me. SO, we had a little girl. She goes "tinkle." Then we had a little boy. He goes "pee pee." And that's as far as we have gotten. ;)

While saying prayers before bed: "And please bless Mary, and Joseph, and baby Jesus, and Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus, and Jesus." 
Isn't that the sweetest thing? She is very concerned about them. 

While helping me make dinner: "Mom, I am such a good cook!"


Amber said...

What a cutie!

CaM&KoLb said...

She is so darn cute! I miss her! And you!