January 24, 2012

It's here!

My Canon Rebel T3 is here! 
I almost wet my pants when the doorbell rang. 

Happy early birthday to me!
Ty didn't even try to make me wait until my actual birthday to open it.
He was at work anyway when it came.

Now for learning how to properly take care of it, and use it.
I've gotten a few recommendations from friends. 
An on line photography course, and a few other suggestions.
All I know for now is that I am in love with it! 
And also:
take the battery out when not using it
don't lose the lens caps (Oh wait, I already did that!)
master one thing at a time (I am already feeling a bit over whelmed)

So, if you have any suggestions, please please please leave your comments! 

And if you really wanted to know...
I love supporting local businesses. Especially when it comes to big purchases like this. My family has a favorite camera store here in the Boise valley. I went there twice and researched different cameras. I found my favorite, but they didn't have it in stock. They were having a limited time "special" on the T3 where you got a telephoto lens with the camera kit for $100 off. So they were going fast. So I got on the computer and did some more research. As it turns out, this "special" wasn't just at this store, but for any store that sold the T3. I found it on Amazon, eBay, and other local stores as well. However, Amazon had the best deal. I got a cleaning kit, tripod, the telephoto lens, camera bag, an extra battery and charger, my 2 UV lens covers, an extra memory card, a memory card wallet, and of course the camera itself. Quite the deal. And the price was still cheaper than the local store. So, I'm sorry! To get to the reason why I'm telling you all this, SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! Make sure it's what you really want, and look around!

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preethi said...

I just got a new camera, too - so exciting!

lace, etc.