January 28, 2012

On the Computer: What do you do?

  It is so interesting how times have changed. I don't feel like I am that old, but the on line world has changed so much since I really became "www. savvy."
  It all started when I graduated high school. My parents gave me a lap top for graduation. My dad claimed that he "didn't want me walking to and from the library all hours of the night by myself." Sweet right? I thought so, well, I just wanted that computer. I still have that Toshiba. It weighs probably 9 pounds and is quite large. I loved it! "Back then" I would get on the computer and "IM" for a while before doing anything else. Then spend most of my time on Microsoft Word typing up papers for my classes. Then I would organize all of my pictures and draw funny pictures in paint.
  NOW my computer habits are much different. I try to minimize my time on the computer because I could probably spend all day on it! First, Facebook. Just check my messages, perhaps update my status. Second, blog. I write a lot of my posts in advance and schedule them out so that I don't have to write one every day. Doesn't take me too long either! Third, check friend's blogs. Fourth, pintrest.
  I have noticed that my lingo has changed also. I was talking to my Mom, and also to my grandparents. I kept saying things like "then I clicked on this link," or "on pintrest I found," etc. I kept getting blank stares. Ha! Too funny. It made me think about how often the dictionary is going to have to change definitions of words.
  What will I be buying my kids when they graduate from high school? What will things be like in eight years? That's how long ago I got my first computer! Things are sure moving quickly!
  What do you think about the internet? How much time do you spend on the computer outside of work? Am I missing some great sites?

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