January 30, 2012

How To:

Dry your scriptures (or any book for that matter) after they go swimming with the kids in the bath tub.

Ya. My nice set of scriptures just went swimming. Oh dear. I actually got really lucky. It's almost like they floated for about a second before I could pull them out. You see, Big T was about to go under. Pulled him out, pulled the scriptures out. The edges got wet in a few places, and then the pages I was opened to got soaked.

Have you ever seen "The Incredibles"?

Well, there is a part in the movie where the house sprinklers come on and soak everything. Then it shows Mr. Incredible drying out the books with a hair dryer. It looks so flawlessly easy. He just points and shoots and the pages turn themselves without bending or getting crinkled.

It's. Not. That. Simple.
The hair dryer did make the drying process very fast. But the pages will crinkle. Just so ya know.
I think that that will be the last time I read while the kids are in the tub!!!
Lesson learned.

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amber wallace said...

Oh man! That's a bummer! Last night red crystal light took out two of my favorite things. The joys of parenting :)